You won’t stop yourself from asking for s’mores!

8 months ago


WHO DOESN’T LOVE S’MORES? A popular campfire treat in the U.S., the s’more is made of roasted marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. It is traditionally eaten over an open flame (such as in a campfire), but it can also be cooked over a grill, or in the oven or microwave. The dish gets its name from the phrase “some more,” a cheeky nod to how hard it is to stop at just one sandwich!

The first published recipe for s’mores appeared in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts, a Girl Scout manual that was published in 1927. The exact origin of the dish is unknown, but it’s generally agreed upon that it first became popular among campers in the 1900’s because of how easy it was to pack the ingredients. And despite how simple it is to make, there is still something captivating about how the whole dish comes together that makes s’mores a unique treat. Roasting the marshmallows changes its texture completely, making it pleasantly gooey and sticky, the heat of it melting the chocolate into creamy submission. The graham crackers (originally created by clergyman Sylvester Graham as a bland food to curb one’s sensual urges) hold everything together, its nutty flavor a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the other ingredients. But just as important as the snack’s taste are the memories associated with s’mores: childhood memories of evenings shared with good company, sharing s’mores, stories, and friendship over a campfire. And with all these, who wouldn’t ask for more?



Split a graham cracker into two squares. Place marshmallow on top of one graham cracker square, and heat for a few seconds (in your toaster oven’s broiler setting, or in your microwave) until the marshmallow expands. Place a small chocolate square on top of the marshmallow; its heat will melt the chocolate. Top with the remaining graham cracker square. Enjoy!


Words by Janelle Año
Photography by Ed Simon of Studio 100


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