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The sizzle of a hot, oiled griddle can make anyone pay attention. Is it a mighty beef patty being cooked to perfection? Could it be a portion of fork-tender brisket being heated before final assembly? Maybe it’s a thick
cut of steak searing in its own juices? The anticipation of what’s going to get cooked next on the griddle is thrilling to watch. Not to mention rewarding, especially when the dish being prepared finally ends up on your plate. This is what Chef Vicky Pacheco had in mind when she was conceptualizing 1771 Group’s newest restaurant, Flatiron 1771— your new comfort food place that serves fresh and hot dishes, all thanks to the ever dependable griddle.

Flatiron refers to the “at top” or at surface of the griddle. Chefs and cooks swear by its reliability since you can cook anything on it. Plus, it’s low maintenance, making it last a lifetime if used and taken care of properly. Come to think of it, most
of the comfort food we have come to know and love is either cooked or finished off on a griddle—from hamburgers to steaks, sautéed veggie sidings to fried rice.

Don’t think that the restaurant comes off as a glorified diner though. The place exudes a posh New York feel, from its sleek interiors and modern furnishings. The restaurant also takes inspiration after the hip and happening Flatiron district in The Big Apple, known 
for its high-end eateries and charming neighborhood vibe as well as its iconic landmark, the Flatiron Building.

When it came down to composing the menu, Chef Vicky confessed that some of 
the recipes she had were already on hand but she wasn’t sure where to use them with her existing restaurants since they had their 
own signature concepts. Flatiron 1771 became the perfect venue to showcase her treasured recipes, some of which are her own comfort food.

For those who want to have something light and tangy, try the Pomelo Orzo
 Salad. Lettuce, fried spinach, fresh pomelo segments, and nutty Parmesan cheese are mixed with pillow-y orzo pasta then drizzled with grilled lemon vinaigrette. The salad dressing brings a refreshing tartness to the dish you can’t get enough of.

The classic Manhattan Clam Chowder also makes an appearance on the menu. The rich tomato-based soup is soothing while the clams, fresh fish chunks, and smoky bacon are familiar flavors you’ll happily savor with every spoonful.

The GAB Pizza stands for the roasted garlic, salty anchovies, and shredded brisket toppings that make up this hearty appetizer. Baked in a customized brick oven, the smoky flavors go very well with the savory tomato sauce and melted mozzarella—you’ll surely finish each slice down to the last piece of crispy crust. The Pizzaiola Pasta on the other hand is Flatiron’s play on the flavors of a classic New York pizza. On top, you’ll see regular pizza ingredients like salami, bell peppers, and bacon melding in a golden layer of mozzarella, but beneath the gooey cheese is a generous portion of bow tie pasta cooked with Neapolitan sauce. It’s interesting to taste this entrée with the usual flavors you find in a pizza because it also works well as a pasta dish.

When it comes to comfort food, cheeseburgers are on top of the list. Flatiron 1771 takes care of your cravings by offering a big serving of their Flatiron Burger. Savor this thick US beef chuck patty that’s sizzled with herb butter then layered with melted cheese, lettuce, grilled tomato, and onions in between a toasted potato bun. A slice of dill pickle and thick-cut fries on the side completes this hefty offering, making you feel like you’re enjoying a real NYC meal right in the middle of BGC.

Steak aficionados should go for the Flatiron Steak. Flash cooked on the griddle to retain its juices, each 300-gram serving
 of top blade steak is then basted with herb butter to give it more flavor. Served on a hot cast iron pan with a side of green pea mashed potatoes and French fries, this steak is cooked according to your preferred doneness. We recommend having it medium rare to fully appreciate its grade and flavor.

For the ultimate kind of beefy indulgence, try the specialty of the house: Flatiron Brisket 6. It takes six long hours to achieve the fork-tender texture of the US beef brisket, but Flatiron takes it up a notch by finishing the beef on the griddle before plating it in a deep cast iron skillet with a side of red rice and cucumber-carrot slaw. It’s the kind of dish you’ll want to reward yourself with after a long stressful day or just because you want to eat something awesome.

For those looking for an indulgent sweet ending, the Intense Brownie Burger is a dessert of pure chocolate ecstasy. Imagine a thick scoop of coffee ice cream in the middle of two freshly-baked Swiss chocolate fudge brownies studded with pieces of cashew brittle then drizzled with chocolate mocha and toffee sauce. Folks, this is what chocolate dreams are made of!

At Flatiron 1771, New York comfort food takes a whole other meaning: delicious, fresh, and hot off the griddle.

Flatiron 1771. U/G Uptown Mall, Megaworld Blvd. cor. 36th St.,  Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig City. Call (02) 802-5458, 802-5461. Visit

Words by Angeli De Rivera

Photographed by Miguel Abesamis of Studio 100

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