Jazz Up Your Rice With Our Flavorful Turmeric Treatment!

8 months ago


Rice that has been processed and polished into sparkling white has been stripped of most of its nutrients. Give refined white rice a healthy make over by cooking it with ground turmeric. Turmeric contains a good amount of calcium, potassium, manganese, iron, copper, and zinc. It’s also anti-inflammatory, anti-bloating, and cancer fighting!


Makes 4 servings


2 Tbsps Refined coconut oil
½ cup Chopped onion
1 tsp Chopped ginger
1 Tbsp Chopped garlic
1 cup Minced carrots
½ cup Chopped celery
2 tsps Ground turmeric
2 tsps Curry powder
½ cup Canned diced tomatoes
4 cups Cooked Basmati rice or regular white rice
2 tsps Salt
¼ tsp Ground black pepper
¼ cup Dried cranberries
¼ cup Raisins
½ cup Chopped cilantro
⅓ cup Toasted pine nuts

  1. In a non-stick skillet, heat the coconut oil. Add the onions, ginger, garlic, carrots, celery, ground turmeric, and curry powder. Sauté until the vegetables are soft and the spices are fragrant. Add the diced tomatoes and cook for two minutes.
  2. Stir in the Basmati rice, salt, and black pepper. Cook for a minute and turn off the heat.
  3. Mix in the cranberries, raisins, and cilantro. Garnish with toasted pine nuts. Serve immediately.


Recipe by Chef Barni Alejandro Rennebeck

Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100


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