Treat Your Balikbayan Friends For Breakfast and Bread At Ka Tunying’s Cafe

2 months ago

Freshly baked pandesal is a staple on the Filipino breakfast table.Sometimes dipped in coffee or enjoyed on its own, this type of bread is not only delicious, but is also versatile enough to be eaten every day.


At Anthony Taberna’s Ka Tunying’s Café, pandesal and other types of local bread take the spotlight. The cafe’s most popular items are the Turmeric Pandesal, the classic bread of salt with a hint of spice; the Kalabasa Ensaymada, ensaymada with a cheesy-caramel topping and a one-of-a-kind pumpkin-based dough; as well as the Kamote Cheese Roll, a sweet and indulgent pastry with more than enough cheese to keep you going until noon.


Taberna shares that the idea for putting up a café was the incidental consequence of wanting to expand his Nueva Ecija-based bakery, which has been operating for more than 13 years. Since he receives plenty of orders from Metro Manila, he decided to put up shop somewhere nearby.

Because Taberna specialized in bread, it was only natural to decide on an all-day breakfast café concept. The food is also mainly sourced from Nueva Ecija, although he also gets some of his influences from Batangas, Cavite, Isabela, and the Cordilleras. Rest assured, however, that whatever you find in Ka Tunying’s Café is “similar to what you would find at our [provincial] home,” Taberna shares.

Among all of the cafe’s breakfast items, Taberna’s favorite is the Longsilog. For this dish, you get to choose among three variants of Cabanatuan’s famous longganisa: batutay (pork and beef), recado (pork and garlic), and hamonado (sweet pork). The most popular variant is batutay, because of its unique beefy flavor, on top of the sweet and salty seasoning.


Apart from Longsilog, one should also not miss the Baked Bangus Belly. Although not a common silog meal, this baked fish dish is so rich and cheesy it’s no surprise if you’ll love it. There’s also Chicken-Pork Adobo, the Filipino national dish served with fluffy and creamy scrambled eggs.

Another Pinoy breakfast favorite, Tsamporado & Tuyo is a great choice. The café uses deep and rich Batangas chocolate tablea to flavor the thick and gooey rice porridge, which is topped with a dusting of pinipig for extra crunch. Eat this with tuyo to balance out the sweetness.


Ka Tunying Café also has plenty of original, healthy drinks to choose from. The Agimat  is a thick detox slusher made from calamansi juice, fresh cucumber, and ginger syrup. If you want a sweeter beverage, there’sthe Naimas Smoothie, a nutty Ilocandia-inspired drink made from balikucha (chewy caramel), panutcha, and muscovado with cheese and milk. Another treat is the Pastillas de Latte, which is made from blended pastillas and pandan syrup.


From the reasonably priced but high-quality breads to the delightfully classic rice meals and drinks, Ka Tunying’s Café doesn’t disappoint. Stop by for a comforting, hearty, and memorable Filipino breakfast all day.

Ka Tunying’s Cafe is located at 88 Visayas Avenue, Barangay Vasra, Quezon City

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