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1 year ago

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Baby oysters hit the spotlight at Lung Hin’s new menu

Words by Yllaine Sabenecio

Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100


Marco Polo Ortigas’ Cantonese outlet, Lung Hin, is very proud of how they elevate Chinese fine dining by offering an exclusive restaurant experience thats compared to what we are familiar with. Every dish is still best served family-style, though set against a backdrop of modern Oriental interiors while guests are treated to a picturesque view of the Ortigas Center skyline. Classic Cantonese may reign in its kitchens, but for Executive Chef Raymund Leung, the Lung Hin head still finds it thrilling to come up with new creations. This time, his latest menu is inspired by local ingredients cooked with a contempary Cantonese treatment.

The Double Boiled Beef Consomme with Mandarin Peel, for example, proves that sometimes, the simplest ingredients yield to the tastiest dishes. Composed of concentrated beef stock that was left to boil for six hours, the broth is a clear beefy elixir that is both rich and silky. A Mandarin orange peel lends a hint of sweetness and tang to the already flavorful broth. Chef Raymond even shares that this exquisite bowl of beef broth also has herbal properties, which are perfect for those who require additional energy while the mandarin oranges helps in easing cough.

Another remarkable dish is the Homemade Tofu with Assorted Mushroom in Superior Broth. Pillowy perfections of fried soy sauce-flavored tofu cubes slowly absorb the superior broth made from a 3-hour simmered soup of boiled chicken with herbs and spices. Final touches of sautéed mushrooms and bean curd skins bring the dish together lending a burst of umami in every bite.


A study in contrast: The rich superior broth complements the lightness of the tofu perfectly.

The dishes using baby oysters as the main ingredient though are the ones to make room for. Chef Raymond insists on using only the freshest kind therefore he himself does the picking straight from the supplier. One of the dishes he created is the Crispy Baby Oyster with Salt and Pepper. Sitting on top of a bed of fried vermicelli noodles, the golden baby oysters were fried to a crisp with camote powder coating resulting to its crunchy texture. Since its a Cantonese salt and pepper dish, expect some spicy kick coming from the chopped chilies.


A seafood popcorn: The Crispy Baby Oyster with Salt and Pepper provides a satisfying crunch that you won’t be able to resist.

The Crispy Baby Oyster Omelette, on the other hand, is the heftier version of the Crispy Baby Oyster with Salt and Pepper. You might expect the same crunch and spice but the hint of salted egg makes all the difference. Don’t forget to dip it in the special fish sauce that comes with the dish.


Upscaled streetfood favorite: Lung Hin upgrades this night market favorite by giving it an irresistible crunch that contrasts its usual delicate texture.

It was the Seafood Misua with Baby Oysters that won everyone over. Lung Hin only uses prime ingredients like squid, scallops shrimps, and oysters so expect each spoonful brimming with goodness. The reddish broth though is a sensation in itself especially since its flavors were extracted from pounded shrimp heads.


Lung Hin’s soups, Seafood Misua with Baby Oysters and Double Boiled Beef Consomme with Mandarin Peel, are sure to provide comfort with the complexity of their flavors

Not to be missed are the classic mainstays such as the Deep Fried Seafood and Pumpkin Dumpling and Deep Fried Hong Kong Pigeon. Presenting itself as a miniature pumpkin in shape, the dish is an irresistible mix of smooth pumpkin purée, seafood, and herbs─all encased in a crunchy shell. Another crowd-pleaser is the Deep Fried Hong Kong Pigeon. Served with fish crackers on the side, the fried pigeon is flavorful, succulent, and moist with its skin wonderfully crisp—it would be impossible not to pick up the pieces and savor each piece.


The Deep Fried Seafood and Pumpkin Dumpling provides well-rounded flavors and a play of textures in one little “pumpkin” ball.


The Deep Fried Hong Kong Pigeon is so flavorful we guarantee that you won’t stop nibbling on it until you reach the bone.

Cantonese cuisine, as we discovered, is all about well-balanced flavors and maximizing the taste of each ingredient. Come and appreciate these modern takes on Cantonese classics on this side of the city.


Double Boiled Beef Consomme with Mandarin Peel

Homemade Tofu with Assorted Mushroom in Superior Broth

Crispy Baby Oyster with Salt and Pepper

Crispy Baby Oyster Omelette

Seafood Misua with Baby Oyster in Soup

Deep Fried Seafood and Pumpkin Dumpling

Deep Fried Hong Kong Pigeon

Lung Hin

44th Floor, Marco Polo Hotel, Sapphire St. cor. Meralco Ave., Ortigas, Pasig City

(02) 720-7777

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