Sweet Summer Days

11 months ago



Don’t you love it when the summer season gives us the ultimate throwback feels? Think of memorable past summer vacations or the nostalgic mid-afternoon frozen treats we ate as children while playing outside our houses! Good thing Starbucks is here to re-live us of our hard-hitting summer nostalgia with their two new Frappuccino flavors: The Pop’zel Coffee Frappuccino Blended Beverage¬†(popcorn and pretzel syrup + whipped cream + real caramel popcorn + salted pretzel)¬† and the Roasted Marshamallow S’mores Frappuccino Bleneded Beverage¬†(vanilla + marshmallow whipped cream + graham crumble)!

Hurry! These two refreshing flavors are only available for a limited time only starting April 18!

Available in all Starbucks branches nationwide

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