Sweet-With-A-Hit Cocktails: Mango Terremoto and Pisco Sour

4 months ago

Raise your glasses to these sweet-with-a-hit cocktails


Mango Terremoto


1 bottle White wine

5 scoops Mango ice cream


Pour the wine into a pitcher, and then add the ice cream. Stir it gently; the wine and the ice cream will separate naturally. Serve.

TRIVIA BOX – DID YOU KNOW? (please omit if there’s no more space)

The word “terremoto” means “earthquake.” Traditionally made with pineapple ice cream (we substituted with mango, which is more readily available locally), this drink packs a mean punch. It’s not uncommon for drinkers to get shaky legs after drinking this! In Chile, the same drink is served in a half-liter glass as the next round; this is called a “replica” or “aftershock.”

Pisco Sour


* Ice cubes

3/4 cup White tequila

1 Fresh egg white

1/4 cup Lime juice

1/4 cup Sugar syrup, or to taste


In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add tequila, egg white, lime juice, and sugar syrup. Cover and shake vigorously for 15 seconds, or until the drink becomes foamy. Strain into glass and serve.

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