Starting a Revolution: Luna Specialty Coffee

6 months ago

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just feel right. When you walk in, her bright brick walls, the smiles of her staff, the smells from her kitchen, and the buzz of conversation from all around her greets you all at once. And upon your first bite, your mouth confirms what your eyes, ears, and nose have been telling you all along: Luna Specialty Coffee is a keeper and you’ve made the right choice.

Although newly opened, Luna already has a well thought out modern all-day breakfast menu that is clean, clever, and very big on signature Philippine flavors. The dishes may sound a bit complex, but the approach of Chef Dino Dizon, Luna’s executive chef, is simple and direct but never falls into boring cafe clichés. Making everything onsite from his compact open kitchen, his menu options include Corned Beef Tapa—slices of angus beef cured for a week that is served with crunchy pork belly rice; the Smoked Bangus—smoked tinapa strips served with tuyo rice and topped with a salted egg salsa; and the Longganisa Pandesal—flat pandesal smothered with red egg aioli topped with a generous serving of Lucban longganisa and red egg infused kesong puti.

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The coffee is excellent in its own right, too. The partners that own Luna have been rather meticulous with their coffee operation. From where the beans are sourced, to how they are roasted and ground, and eventually to how they are brewed; every single step has been carefully studied and perfected to ensure the perfect cup every single time. The Luna Brew is an unassuming hand dripped cup that packs a wallop. Luna also has special brews that make use of their HugMe cups–warmed bowls that you are supposed to cup with your two hands. These have shots of strong espresso sitting underneath layers of frothy and creamy milk. And then there’s the extra special Luna Cold Brew, which makes use of Luna’s very own cold press: a steam punk looking contraption that steeps coffee grounds with tepid water for extended periods of time. The extracted coffee is then chilled overnight, producing a seemingly sweeter but ultimately bolder brew.

And it doesn’t end there. To go with the coffee, Luna has a menu of Pinoy-centric desserts, handcrafted by Chef Mitch Vivo, that are meant to be perfect pairings with their beverages. Pies are baked straight into coffee cups, like the Pecan Pili Pie and the Pumpkin Calabasa Pie, and their kakanin are made directly into demitasse cups, making shots of Leche Flan Yema and Inutak Ube Pandan; all perfectly portioned desserts that are neither too sweet nor too heavy.

The staff, too, are trained to be experts themselves. With a policy that states that the hand that prepares is the hand that shares, Luna would like to see that the person who brews your coffee or cooks your food must also be the same person that serves it to you. Management says that this is done so that there will always be someone with the most informed answers whenever guests ask questions about their food and their coffee. Talk about being in good hands!

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Words by Migs Borja-Yambao

Photographed by John Ocampo

Address: Ground Floor, NAC Tower, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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