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Nestled within the family restaurant ridden UP Town Center, is a safe haven where students from the different neighboring campuses can take refuge from the busy and at times overwhelming streets of Katipunan. From the outside, Skull and Bones looks like a typical comfort food restaurant with simple chairs and polished floors. The realization that it actually is so much more than that happens once you push the glass door and step inside. We felt like we were stepping into another dimension. It made us question if we were still in Quezon City because it felt like we were transported to a local college hangout in Boston.

DSC_0034 DSC_0046

Like all the other restaurants ran by Patrick Santos and his team, the interior of this place is impeccably curated and makes you comfortable in an instant. The place immediately draws you in with its warm lighting and walls that are decked out with all sorts of memorabilia collected by the Santos family from their glory days. As you get comfortable in your seat, you start noticing all the details of the décor and how they all somehow come together to create a space full of nostalgia and familiarity where you just want to unleash your inner frat boy (or sorority girl). The counter is endearing with their chalkboard menu and is filled with homemade sweets beside gigantic glass jars containing different flavored alcoholic concoctions.  The beer pong table at the back of the restaurant was a nice touch that made the “frat boy den” theme feel more authentic. It made us a little sad that we weren’t still in college because we would have killed for a hangout like this back when we really needed a place to chill to avoid the boredom from History 101.



The vibe is what brings you in and what makes you sit down but the thing that makes you stay hours on end is the food. Imagine that ramen that gave you comfort after that horrible math test or that burger you needed after you completely blanked at Philosophy. Now imagine those two things reinvented to be the best versions of themselves after they went through taste rehab in Chef Cuit Kaufman’s kitchen. Everything on the menu is a college kid’s dream meal to devour after those long days switching from classroom to classroom in this debilitating heat. From irresistible burgers to overloaded, mouthwatering hot dogs to sinful desserts, it was a chore to even choose something to eat because EVERYTHING looked good on paper.

 DSC_0039The Dirty South Sandwich

We tried out The Dirty South which is a Rice Krispies battered fried chicken patty with imported honey and red cabbage on a brioche bun lined with mayonnaise. You can also call it happiness. This was just heaven in between two pieces of bread. The patty was cooked perfectly with the right amount of crunch that you would want when biting into a piece of chicken. All the components of the burger came together in our mouths like a marching band hitting all the right notes on a crescendo.

CSC_0085The Pitbull

Next on the list was to try their version of a Cubano hotdog which they entitled, “The Pitbull”. Named appropriately after Mr. Worldwide, this hotdog is a beef pork frankfurter with Swiss cheese, smoked ham, chopped pickles and onions then it’s topped off with a hefty serving of sliced jalapeño and garlic lemon aioli on a griddle pressed Brioche bun line with mustard. Can someone say dale? This hotdog had as much personality as the music superstar himself and it made us want to get up off our seats to do our special dance we only do when we feel like life is perfect.

DSC_0061The Fluffer Nuteller


The next thing we ate was something that we are still dreaming about to this day and we may or may not have taken out a dozen after we finished the one we had in front of us at that time. THE FRIED FLUFFER NUTELLER is a creation that is meant to put smiles on people’s faces. If it were a drug, it would probably cure cancer. What is it? It has peanut butter, homemade mallow cream and Nutella inside flawlessly fried pieces of brioche bread. When we bit into it, we just wanted to cry. You expect it to be disgustingly sweet and give you a sore throat in an instant but what actually happens is that the homemade mallow cream balances out the sweetness from the nutella and peanut butter. All of this goodness is packed into two pieces of crisp brioche and we can’t even tell you how good it is because you just have to try it for yourself.


When our meal ended, all we could think about was when was the next time we were going to come back and what we were going to try. Skull and Bones is definitely one hangout that you shouldn’t miss out on. It doesn’t matter if you’re still in college or not, this spot is worth that trip down memory lane anyway.


Skull and Bones is located at the 2nd floor of  UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


Instagram: @skullandbones_ph


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