Our Harissa Gambas should be you next dinner idea!

8 months ago


Bring some spice and zest into your meal! Enjoy this lovely dish with either a side salad or a piece of freshly-toasted slice of bread. The secret to the flavorful shrimps is the mix of harissa or hot chili pepper paste, which originated from Africa and is popular in Europe and around the Mediterranean. Try to mix it in other meats and dishes as well for that incredible heat with a kick in every bite.


Serves 3-4


¼ cup Vinegar

2 Tbsps Olive oil

1 Small red onion, sliced thinly

2 cloves Garlic, finely minced

12 Jumbo-sized shrimps, peeled and deveined

2-3 tsps Harissa paste

1 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar

½ tsp Dried Italian herbs

Salt and pepper, to season

Lime zest, for garnish

Fresh cilantro, for garnish

  1. In a shallow pan on high heat, heat olive oil and sauté the onions until a bit charred and golden.
  2. Lower the heat to medium and add the garlic and  shrimps.
  3. Add the harissa paste and toss everything together quickly as the shrimps cook. Add more harissa paste if you prefer a spicier dish.
  4. Deglaze the pan with the balsamic vinegar, making sure to scrape the bottom.
  5. Lower the heat and add the Italian herbs. Season with salt and pepper.
  6. Transfer gambas to a serving plate then top with lime zest and fresh cilantro. Serve immediately.


Recipe by Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi

Photographed by Ron Mendoza


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