Rice Surprise

9 months ago


Prepare this rice for your next grill cook out



Recipe by Margarita Forés

Photographed by Mark Jacob

Makes 8 servings


Taba ng Talangka:

2 Tbsps Butter

2 cloves Garlic, minced

1 bottle Taba ng talangka

2 Calamansi, juiced


  1. Over a medium heat, melt butter and sauté garlic.
  2. Before garlic changes color, add taba ng talangka and sauté lightly for a minute then turn off heat and set aside.


Buttered Rice

8 cups Day-old white rice

½ cup Butter

Sea salt, to season


Over a medium flame, preferably on a non-stick pan, melt butter and add rice. Sauté or toss rice in butter until evenly coated and slightly toasted. Season with sea salt to taste.


To serve:

Serve buttered rice immediately with warmed taba ng talangka. This works well with chicken or pork inihaw or any grilled fish or seafood.

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