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11 months ago

pufft marshmallows

A fluffy favorite from your childhood has come back to your life. And now, it’s even better than ever.


Pufft Marshmallows

Words by Yllaine Sabenecio

Photographed by Miguel Abesamis of Studio 100


EATING MARSHMALLOWS IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST MEMORABLE FOOD EXPERIENCES WE HAD AS KIDS. In every children’s party, there’s bound to have red hotdogs with marshmallows on each end served on the food table. We also enjoyed a packet or two of the pillow-y confectionery in school. It’s so irresistible, especially since it’s light and fluffy, that you won’t notice you’ve already gobbled up a whole bag. Just offer a marshmallow to any kid and he/she would happily nibble on this sweet and gooey treat.

This is what Meg Hornsby-Bates had had in mind when she and her husband, Matthew, put up Pufft Marshmallows last November. “[When I was younger] people would often give me [marshmallows] and those memories stayed in my mind. Even when I got older, binibigyan [pa rin] nila ako without me saying and I still love it,” Meg recalls. As a kid who grew up with a soft spot for marshmallows, it was a no-brainer for Meg to turn her childhood treat into a full-fledged business.

Using their culinary backgrounds as chefs, the couple learned the traditional way of making marshmallows and tweaked it according to their liking. Their version resulted in fluffier and lighter marshmallows without the cloying sweetness of store-bought marshmallows. Initial samples were given to family and friends who in turn gave their approval of the product. Eventually, they joined competitions and bazaars to help expand their market and also to give exposure to their signature marshmallows. Recently, they opened their first marshmallow-centric kiosk in SM Megamall.

Compared to the plain vanilla-flavored marshmallows she had growing up, Meg levelled up her marshmallows by adding gourmet flavors. Pufft is proud to say that they don’t use artificial flavorings in their products. The Blueberry Jam marshmallow, for instance, uses real blueberry jam so expect to taste bits of blueberries in each bite.

The brand currently has twelve flavors: Strawberries & Cream, Apple Caramel, Honeycomb & Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Blueberry Jam, Chocolate Cookies & Cream, Gourmet Vanilla, Butter Candy, Salted Caramel, Tiramisu, Matcha, and Lemon Soufflé. On occasion, they would introduce a unique flavor like the Salted Ube marshmallow, which they created last June in time for Independence Day as well as Mrs. Mango Jam marshmallow for the summer month of May. Aside from enjoying their marshmallows as is, Pufft also recommends trying other items in their kiosk like the freshly-torched marshmallows on a stick, s’mores, hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, and rice krispie treats. Flavors like bacon & butter and ensaymada are also currently in the works. The creativity and love for all things marshmallows just keeps on going.

When asked who their regular clienteles are, Meg shares that surprisingly, it’s the adults. Maybe it’s because they’ve turned these childhood treats into something adults can relate to by being experimental and gourmet. Or maybe it’s because they’ve given their customers a treat that can bring them back to that childhood memory of enjoying a piece of marshmallow. Now, isn’t that sweet?

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