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12 months ago

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Experience the Wilton Way of cake decorating at Gourdo’s World Market Alabang

Words and photos by Marga Plana

 Whether its years of experience or none at all, you’ll be glad to find that cake decorating is made easy to learn when you do it the Wilton Way. Gourdo’s World Market Alabang offers cake decorating courses that teaches you everything you’ll need to know to get you started on decorating your dream cakes.

All workshops are hands-on and no doubt, you’ll be walking out of the room with utmost pride for not only the beautiful, decadent cakes that you decorated yourself, but your decorating skills as well!

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To top it off, these workshops are done by Certified Wilton Instructor and pastry chef extraordinaire, Peachy Juban, who does nothing but make the whole experience welcoming and enjoyable for all. Her talent and vigor exudes confidence to anyone at any cake decorating level, and it will truly show by the end of the workshop.

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Wilton Courses 1 and 2 focus on buttercream icing and royal icing respectively. Wilton Course 1 (Php 8,500) gives you lessons on how to give buttercream the right consistency, depending on your purpose – for icing the cake, filling piping bags, forming a variety of buttercream flowers, putting lettering on your cake, piping borders and even transferring images onto your cake.

Wilton Course 2 (Php 9,000) on the other hand lets you work with royal icing – the ideal icing to use when making advanced decorations and flowers such as Pansies, Lilies and the Wilton Rose.

When it comes to “advanced decorating,” this workshop with Chef Peachy definitely proves it can be easier done than said; yet, you’ll have a professionally-done looking cake by the end of the workshop.

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All courses come with a Wilton Student Kit with all the basics you need – in the first course, there are the basic piping tips, an offset metal spatula, piping bags, a Wilton booklet and boards that serve as technique guides, to name a few.

Gourdo’s World Market offers other Wilton cake decorating workshops to suit other desired skills and interests. Upcoming workshops this coming May 6 and 7 will be Courses 1 and 3 – Wilton Course 3 (P10,500) revolves around gum paste and fondant. Here, you will learn to prepare and color gum paste and fondant, cover a cake with it, paint on it and design with it.

So, if designing cakes is your thing or you feel the need to learn the fine art of making intricate flower decorations using buttercream and royal icing, then head on to Gourdo’s World Market Alabang and make your cake decorating dreams come true!

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For more details on the workshops and other offers, contact Gourdo’s Alabang through their 24-hour hotline at (02) 812-3022 or log on to

Special thanks to Ms. Nana Nadal

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