Pinoy Fried: Jollibee’s Chickenjoy is Top 3 Best Fried Chicken in the US

10 months ago


jollibee chickenjoy

Discussions of what the best fried chicken in the Philippines is invariably turn up one name: Jollibee’s Chickenjoy. But apparently, Filipinos are not the only ones who enjoy this tasty chicken.

In the latest list published by, they described the Chickenjoy as “it stand[s] out beyond the rest [because of its] gravy packed with flavors of onion and celery that is absolutely ethereal. You almost want a whole bucket of the gravy just to dip into the chicken, it’s that good.”


jollibee chickenjoy



  1. The Equalizer – Must have equal parts of rice, meat, skin, and gravy in every mouthful.
  2. The Nibbler – Leaves no trace of meat on the bone. Favorite chicken part? The leg!
  3. The Mixer – The most eccentric of the bunch. Likes to shred the chicken meat and mix it into the rice with the gravy.
  4. The Scrimper – Known to have high EQ. Saves the best for the last—yes, we’re talking about the chicken skin.
  5. The Hoarder – Known to have poor EQ. Eats the chicken skin first, then steals the skin from their friends’ Chickenjoys.
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