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10 months ago

perfect pairings



Roast invites you to enjoy their signature combinations inspired by holiday favorites and local flavors


IT TAKES A QUICK EYE TO LOCATE this quaint little coffee joint along the bustling Katipunan neighborhood but it doesn’t take long for you to fall in love with their offerings.

Partners Pia Caluag and Joby Tanjuatco have always wanted to have their own place where people can sip a cup or two while savoring their native specialty: puto bumbong and bibingka. It started in 2009 when Pia was asked to provide the classic combination as an after service treat for the Misa de Gallo goers in Ateneo. From there, the couple’s offering gained a following, so they eventually decided to put up a coffee shop where it can be available all year long. As soon as they settled on their current location, sure enough, the residents of nearby subdivisions, calm-seekers, or just those looking for an after dinner hang out found their own quiet getaway along the stretch of White Plains’ neighborhood.

Roast derives from Joby’s love for a good cup of coffee. The passion is evident in the resto’s coffee-centric decals, posters, and wall displays. “It’s also the idea that a great cup of coffee plus puto bumbong and bibingka all go together perfectly,” shared Pia. Mind you though, it’s not just this signature tandem that makes you come back for more.

The all-day breakfast choices are must-tries. Start off the morning with a generous serving of Crispy Adobo Flakes served with a side of salsa, an egg cooked to your liking, and a side of soy vinegar. For a small sum add in kesong puti to make your flakes tastier. Another breakfast option is the hearty Garlic Longganisa sourced from Pia’s hometown in Bulacan. Pair it with a steaming cup of Kapeng Barako, made from Joby’s own blend of locally sourced coffee beans, and you’re in for a wondrous morning meal. The Negrense Chorizo with Kesong Puti is a good recommendation for those craving for a rich pasta dish—skinless jewels of pork melding deliciously with luscious native cheese.

Night owls have their options too! The Pinaputok na Longganisa, which they source from Malolos, is a terrific pick me up to go with the subzero alcoholic beverages also available in the joint.

Did we mention that their puto bumbong and bibingka are not just incredibly addicting but also a genuine nod to our food nostalgia of Christmases past? Pia and Joby didn’t scrimp on any of the steps or ingredients when it came to developing the recipes as well as the cooking process of their post-Misa de Gallo treats. You can order the bibingka with classic toppings of salted egg slices, kesong puti or queso de bola while the puto bumbong comes with a side of freshly grated niyog and muscovado. Each serving is made fresh to order and is big enough to be shared around the table.

Whether you drink it with tea, coffee or a pot of Roast’s Batangas Tablea Tsokolate, we’re completely certain that you’ll be in a state of holiday bliss no matter which day of the year.

Words by Angeli de Rivera

Photographed by Krizia Cruz

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