All-Organic Feast by the Sea: Bohol Bee Farm

10 months ago

bohol bee farm


IT FEELS LIKE THE SUN IS ALWAYS SHINING AT BOHOL BEE FARM. The rustic ambiance is alluring and there are 
so many things to do at this specialty resort. Some of them include tasting all the unique ice cream flavors at The Buzzz Ice Cream shop or buying the different kinds of pasalubong and honey-based goods from the gift store. Another delicious reason why people keep returning to this beloved resort is the food.

As one of the foremost purveyors of organic farming in the province, Bohol Bee Farm is dedicated to serving their guests dishes prepared with ingredients grown from their garden. They also help the community by supporting local farmers to practice organic farming. In return, they use their products like heirloom rice as ingredients for the dishes served in Bohol Bee Farm’s restaurant.


The menu was developed by the owner Vicky Sandig who is a foodie at heart. Most of her dishes were family recipes, which she served to her children when they were growing up. Dining at Bohol Bee Farm feels like a friend invited you to their charming home and they’re ready to spoil you with
a spread of home-cooked specialties using organic ingredients.

Meals can be eaten at the different dining areas overlooking the Bohol Sea but our favorite is the Lantaw section because it has the best seats in the house. The view of the sea here is mesmerizing once you gaze at the turquoise and sapphire waters. It’s the most relaxing backdrop you’ll ever set your eyes upon.


Begin with the Organic Garden Salad, an eye-catching starter with its play of colors and textures coming from the different ingredients like Romaine lettuce, turnip slices, mustard greens, croutons, and edible flowers. The farm’s signature honey mustard dressing goes perfectly well with this pretty bowl of healthy goodness.

Bohol Bee Farm uses cabcab (cassava) in some of their dishes and one specialty is the Cassava Fresh Lumpia. Lettuce, singkamas, mango, and cucumber slices are wrapped in softened cabcab sheets then drizzled with the honey mustard dressing. Another healthy snack is the fried Cabcab Chips served with homemade pesto mixed with green tomato slices. Both appetizers are unique and delightfully refreshing.


Kids and kids at heart will like the Honey-glazed Chicken. Choice cuts of organic chicken are roasted while heavily basted with a secret marinade made with Bohol Bee Farm’s wild honey then finished off with a generous sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.

The Baked Pork Spareribs is another crowd pleaser. Cooked until fork tender, the spareribs are then smothered with homemade sweet barbecue sauce. Partner it with Bohol Bee Farm’s organic red rice, which has a nutty flavor and firm texture.

The Grilled Blue Marlin is another main dish to look out for. You can tell the fish 
is cooked at its prime because it was still plump and juicy, even after grilling. The addition of fresh dill brought out notes of sweetness in every bite.

Instead of the usual ground beef or pork, the Seafood Lasagna is made with minced crab meat, local scallops, and shrimp. The seafood is layered alternately with the noodles and rich tomato sauce then topped with Carabao cheese.


Last but not least is the Seafood Soup, an assortment of fresh seafood like blue marlin, crabs, shrimps, and squid were simmered 
to bring out the delicious flavors of the sea. Everyone in our table loved the soup so much that there wasn’t a drop left in the pot.

For larger groups, these dishes can also be served buffet-style although you can also order them à la carte so the food arrives freshly cooked, and you can eat while admiring the gorgeous view of the sea. Trust us when we say you’ll end up with 
a dining-by-the-sea experience you won’t soon forget.


Words by Angeli De Rivera

Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100

Bohol Bee Farm


Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol

(038) 510-1822

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