No Apologies, We’re Getting FAT On A Friday

4 months ago


“BOASTFUL, BOLD AND UNAPOLOGETIC.” Expect these kinds of dishes when you dine at FAT, BGC’s latest restaurant that only opened last June 17 but is fast gaining attention because of its emphasis on flavorful and delectable selections. “I conceptualized FAT five years ago based on a book called FAT by Chef Jennifer Mclagan,” says chef and co-owner Mikel Zaguirre. “The catch phrase ‘an appreciation of a misunderstood ingredient’ sparked my curiosity and from there, I understood that fat enriches ingredients so I made it the forefront of the restaurant. I learned to balance that ‘oomph’ of fat which adds depth and richness to simple dishes. I also learned to balance it off with fruits and acids, adding layers of flavors.”


Indeed, the layering of flavors with a punch are evident with every dish, starting with the Green Tea Chicharon, FAT’s bestseller that comes in two gigantic pieces of chicharon and has the saltiness associated with pork rinds. The dusting of green tea powder and the garnish of baby arugula gives the chicharon a nutty bitterness that balances the umami taste. The honey vinegar dip cuts the oiliness while the side dish of cucumber in red vinaigrette cleanses the palate in between bites.

The Pork’s Ear En Croute is FAT’s homage to sisig, served on rye bread spread with goat cheese. The three dipping sauces of herbed oil, mango mayo, and saffron aioli pull the whole dish together as the flavors burst in the mouth—salty, sweet, tart, and depth all at once.


Talk about flavorFULL, the Moroccan Spiced Chicken Fillet does not disappoint! The harissa marinade gives the chicken its unique taste—not overpowering but a definite pleaser. The marinade keeps the chicken breast juicy even after grilling. It rests on spanakopita, a Greek phyllo pastry filled with spinach, mint, cream cheese, and kesong puti.  The vegetable and cheese filling complements the flavor of the well-seasoned chicken without competing with it.


Grilled Unagi Salad sits on a beet lavash—a thin, crisp bread that gives crunch to the soft texture of the smoked fresh water eel that is seasoned to perfection—sweet, slightly spicy with just a hint of saltiness.


FAT’s famous Duck Burger is flavor-packed with a spicy kick and smokey taste from pimenton.

It is encased in a molasses brioche bun, which has the unique combination of subtle sweetness and buttery-goodness that blends well with two melting cheeses, Gruyere and Emmental.


The “female-friendly” Salmon & Uni Pasta is FAT’s take on pasta carbonara using salmon and sea urchin as a luxurious alternative to bacon. This rich and creamy dish is made more delicious with the 64 Degree Egg, cooked “sous vide” using a low, steady temperature to make the yolk runny enough to thicken the sauce for a smooth and silky finish.


For dessert, don’t miss the Bacon Baklava and the Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake: both are sinfully decadent yet satisfying. If you’re looking for a place to spoil yourself, FAT is the place to visit. Once you indulge, there’s no room for apologies.

FAT: Unit 152, Forbes Town Center, 29th Street corner Rizal Drive, BGC. Telephone 834.8600. Open from 2:30PM-10PM, Tuesdays-Sundays

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