New Year, New Menu, New Favorites

1 year ago

Crisp on 28th goes fresh and Filipino with its newest offerings

Words by Angeli De Rivera


We all have that favorite neighborhood haunt that keeps us coming back for more. It’s the perfect place to let the words keep flowing as you type while the coffee keeps on coming; it’s the barkada’s favorite brunch spot, where each has his or her favorite meal that everyone habitually shares with each other; and the eatery where you can just relax as you wait for food that’s really, really, really good.

Crisp on 28th has become BGC’s favorite “not-so-hidden” go-to café for those who like their meals, fun, fresh, and flavorful. To celebrate its sophomore year, Crisp has decided to update its menu by adding new creations inspired by modern Filipino flavors.

Playful and delightful, each dish excites as bold flavors fill up every big plate. Made with locally-sourced ingredients, the owners and the chef collaborated on the creations to bring new indulgence for regular goers and to entice health-conscious crowds who are craving for premium meals that can satisfy their discerning palate.

lowresLemongrass Tinola Bowl

What we love about their dishes is how each component or ingredient shines, yet works well with each other. It just makes you say, “Wow, I didn’t even know that can work!” Take the Lemongrass Tinola for instance. Yes, the flavors are familiar but the addition of couscous and keffir lime leaves to the classic nuances of gently-boiled, pan-fried chicken, malunggay pesto, and lemongrass bulbs make it a modern classic.

lowresPancit Pad Thai

The Pancit Pad Thai also makes its debut on 28th. The love child of two Asian favorites, this crowd pleaser is a mélange of familiar tastes and textures. Lemongrass-infused chicken strips, crushed peanuts, crisp bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, red onions, and sesame scrambled eggs are kissed with lime juice and siling labuyo together with essential herbs like cilantro and Thai holy basil. The noodles though are made with bihon instead of the flat rice noodles, making the tangy pad Thai sauce cling to every chewy strand.

lowresOsso Bucco ala Iloco

The next dish is the Italian Osso Bucco that gets spiked with Ilocano basi instead of the typical red wine. Braised until tender, the stew also has mushrooms and potatoes then garnished with fresh greens to complement the robust flavors of the Osso Bucco.

lowresKaldereta Bolognese

Not to be outdone is the Kaldereta Bolognese. That’s right, our Filipino favorite is transformed into a pasta dish with the addition of crumbled kesong puti, basil chiffonade, and finished with a sprinkling of gremolata.

Though Crisp on 28th isn’t considered a newcomer in the restaurant game, eating here still feels like there’s freshness in every element, from the food and the ingredients used, down to the cozy, French-café inspired interiors. With new dishes this thrilling, we can’t wait to see and taste what they’ll cook for year three.


Crisp on The 28th

Ground Floor, Alveo Corporate Center, 28th Street Near 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

(0917) 584-6883

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