Morning ABC: Carrot and Corn Breakfast Waffle

7 months ago

Carrot and Corn Breakfast Waffle

Want to feed your kids with something healthier? Give them this waffle! Not only this is delicious, this waffle is packed full of vitamins you won’t mind if they get another serving or two!


Carrot and Corn Breakfast Waffle

Recipe by Chef Trisha Ocampo

Photographed by Yukie Sarto of Studio 100

Makes 4 servings


1 ½ cups Flour

½ tsp Baking powder

½ tsp Baking soda

½ tsp Paprika

½ tsp Salt

¼ tsp White pepper

1 cup Fresh milk

1 Egg

3 Tbsps Sugar

2 Tbsps Canola oil, plus more for greasing

1 stalk Chives or spring onions, chopped

½ cup Corn kernels

1 cup Grated carrots

  • Butter, for serving

½ cup Maple syrup


  1. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking powder, baking soda, paprika, salt, and pepper.
  2. In another bowl, combine milk, egg, sugar, and oil. Add the flour mixture to the milk mixture and stir until just blended.
  3. Fold in the chives, corn, and half of the grated carrots.
  4. Preheat waffle maker. Coat with canola oil. Pour half cup of batter mixture and top with the remaining grated carrots. Cook waffles until golden brown. Repeat until all the batter is consumed.
  5. Serve warm with butter and maple syrup on the side.


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