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An age-old practice makes new ways for Filipino food on Day 2 of Madrid Fusión Manila

Words by Angeli De Rivera

Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100

The second lunch of Madrid Fusión Manila was met with much excitement as curators Nina Daza-Puyat, Sasha Lim Uy-Mariposa, and Idge Mendiola presented the day’s theme: nose-to-tail.

Although widely recognized as a trending food concept, the idea of “nose-to-tail” has long been observed in our local food practices for economic and ecological reasons. From pig’s blood (dinuguan), pig mask and brain (sisig) to ox tripe (kare-kare) or from the common chicken intestines (isaw) as street-style barbecue to the much famous lechon, Filipinos believe in the potential of these ingredients rather than let anything go to waste. It also goes to show just how adventurous we are when it comes to cooking and eating food.

For this reason, the nose-to-tail team, which consisted of talented chefs (Jay Angeles of Health Kitchen Manila; JP Anglo of Sarsa Kitchen; Kalel Chan of Raintree Group; Patrick Go of Black Sheep; Niño Laus of NINYO Fusion Cusine; Francis Lim of Tipple & Slaw; Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore; Sunshine Puey of Gourmandise) and dedicated food establishments (Manam Restaurant by The Moment Group, Pedro Brewery; Risa Chocolates, Hiraya Bakery, MNL Creamery, Mama Sita, and Ginebra Premium Gin Mixes) came up with impressive dishes and beverages to highlight the Filipinos’ creativity and ingenuity when it comes to their gastronomy.

Here are the creations from day 2:

Manam’s Sisig Fideos, which consisted of seven short-cut Filipino-Asian noodle varieties vegetables topped with the house-specialty, crispy sisig

Niño Laus’ Betamax or grilled chicken blood mixed with 70% Davao dark chocolate cacao, crispy chicken craw, pili, inengkanto rice crisps, cashew crust Davao chocolate nibs, ube purée with uni Kalamata and kamias emulsion

Pedro’s Calamansi Ale

JP Anglo’s Next Generation Adobo (Chicken heart, intestine, gizzard, tail, and skin adobo with 3-4 sour notes served with burnt coconut garlic rice, soft-boiled eggs then topped with salted egg liver paté and crispy kesong puti)

Kalel Chan’s Smoked Dinuguan Taho (smoked pork blood pudding with sampaguita-kaffir sauce)

Francis Lim’s Kilawin Kambing Terrine in vinegar dressing

Kel Zaguirre’s twist with on Kare-kare that’s made with different textures of trip and braised oxtail with 3-nut purée, pickled banana hearts, braised peanuts, balaw-balaw, and binatog

Jay Angeles’ Dinakdakan (chopped beef tongue, braised ox tail, smoked liver, and pig’s brain mousse)

Patrick Go’s Pig Head Skewer with Brown Rice Porridge (Pickled pork tongue, batwan-braised pork ears, and smoked pork cheeks served with pork hock congee)

Mama Sita’s Goto-Arroz Caldo, made from an heirloom recipe using beef tripe in rich buttery stock and choice crunchy toppings


Sunshine Puey’s take on the Buko Pie that’s composed of smoked coconut cream, brown butter latik, and cashew crumble


MNL Creamery’s Mindanao Milk Gelato


Hiraya Bakery’s Sampinit Tres Leches Cake (Sponge cake topped with vanilla Chantilly cream and roasted white streusel on a lining of sampinit-cinnamon compote)


Risa Chocolate’s dessert beverage called “A Toast to Chocolate,” which utilized the different parts of the cacao fruit


ABV Bar’s Geronimo Cocktail made with locally made rum and barako coffee


Mango Paradise, Calamansi Paradise, Sweet Lemony Martini and Classic Gin and Tonic from Ginebra Premium Gin Mixes

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