Manila Hotel’s premier mooncakes are to die for!

8 months ago


Did you know that mooncakes were used by Chinese revolutionaries as a way to communicate? Messages were printed on the surface and were often given as four pieces (hence their familiar packaging as a set of four).  Each piece is then sliced into four to make a puzzle and then combined by the receiver in order to decipher the message. The pieces were then eaten to hide any evidence. Of course, there’s no need to go war just to have your fill of this sweet, dense delicacy.

Today, mooncakes are the symbol of the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival, in honor of the mythical Moon Goddess of Immortality. Notice the Chinese character on the golden crust? It usually mean  “longevity” or “harmony”, if not the name of the bakery where it was made. Since exchanging mooncakes within the Filipino-Chinese community is a beloved tradition during this time (this year will be falling on October 4), the event has come to be also known as the Mooncake Festival.


One of the best places to get your mooncakes is in Manila Hotel. Their new Chinese outlet, Red Jade is offering five premier flavors of your mid-autumn pastry: Mango Paste, Orange Paste, Premium Portuguese Custard Paste, Single Yolk Pure White Lotus Seed Paste, and Single Yolk Red Bean Paste. Until October 8, a decorated booth located at the hotel’s grand lobby will be offering mooncakes in individual boxes or as a tower of 2’s and 5’s as well as rectangular box packages of 2’s and 5’s. Good news for corporate clients: they can avail a 20% discount for a minimum purchase of 10 boxes (of any type) on a single receipt.

So don’t wait until the last minute to purchase you mooncakes! Head on to Manila Hotel and get your premier mooncake fix.

Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Manila. For inquiries and order, call (02) 527-0011 ext. 1262 to 1264. Visit


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