Juice Clues: Juising FAQs

7 months ago

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Hesitant to jump on the juicing trend? Here’s all you need to know about the latest health craze.


  • Why is it important to juice only raw fruits and vegetables?

Eating live foods gives an amazing boost in energy. Second, cooking food also diminishes its nutritional value because heating food over 118°F destroys much of its nutrients.


Conventional produce usually contains toxic chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides that can be harmful to your health.


  • Why cold pressed?

Cold pressing is the process of extracting nutrient-rich juice from fresh produce by using high pressure exerted through a hydraulic press or commercial juicer.

The term “cold-pressed” is employed when machines use hydraulic press technology, which avoids adding heat during the extraction process.

The low-levels of oxidation during the juicing process does not compromise the integrity of the produce. The result is juice that is fresh, nutrient dense, rich in color, and full of flavor.


  • Where will I get my protein?

There are many non-animal sources of protein and you will get adequate amounts from green juices and almond or cashew milk.


  • Shouldn’t I be consuming fiber?

Normally fiber is great at moving things through your system, but during the cleanse program you should give your body a rest from having to expend energy to digest fiber. By saving that energy, your body can focus on detox and healing.


  • What is detox?

The word “detox” means “to eliminate poisonous or toxic substances from the body or neutralize toxic effects, in order to allow healing to take place.” Our body detoxifies naturally every day. However for some people, the detoxification process is slower due to a bigger and wider exposure to toxins, causing the system to be overloaded, and absorb toxins faster that it can eliminate. Therefore, the detox mechanisms become sluggish resulting in chemical imbalance that throws our immune system off-balance.


  • What are the signs and symptoms of toxicity?

A toxin is any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in the body. Toxins undermine your health and stress your biochemical or organ functions. The signs and symptoms of toxicity are: headaches, backaches, runny or itchy nose, fatigue, joint pain, nervousness, skin rashes, cough, frequent colds, sleepiness, hives, wheezing, irritated eyes, insomnia, nausea, sore throat, immune weakness, dizziness, indigestion, tight or stiff neck, environmental sensitivity, mood changes, anorexia, angina pectoris, sinus congestion, anxiety, bad breath, circulatory deficits, fever, depression, constipation, and high blood fats.


  • Why do you need to detoxify?

You cleanse and detoxify for many reasons. One is for better health, rejuvenation and vitality. Another is you detoxify to clear symptoms, treat disease, and prevent further problems. Third, a cleansing program helps you reevaluate your life, make changes and clear abuses or addictions. It takes you through your withdrawal and reduces cravings fairly rapidly. If you are ready, you can begin a new life without addictive habits or drugs.


  • Why go on a cleansing diet?
  1. A cleansing diet prevents and treats disease, reduces symptoms, cleanses the body and rests organs.
  2. It is for purification, rejuvenation, weight loss, improving flexibility, improving fertility and enhancing the senses. It’s also for anti-aging and promotes clear skin.
  3. People who undergo a cleansing diet regularly become more organized, creative, motivated, productive, energetic, clear, conscious, inwardly attuned, and focus on spirituality and relationships.
  4. A cleansing diet also rests and rejuvenates our overloaded organs: digestive, liver, gallbladder and kidneys.


Words by Rman Lorenzo Nepomuceno and Angelo Songco of Sugarleaf Organic Market and Café

Photographed by Zac Moran


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