Indulge with Not-Your-Usual-Ice-Cream-Flavors at Freezer Burn

5 months ago
Ketchup Mayo Fries

Ketchup Mayo Fries

Tell someone about ketchup and mayo ice cream for the first time, and they crinkle their face in a mixture of confusion and mild disgust: “What?”

Just trust us and ask Freezer Burn’s chefs Kristine Lotilla and Miko Aspiras. They set down a box divided into two—half with the strange ice cream and the other, with crispy salt and pepper fries. Once we swirl a fry around in the ice cream and pop it in our mouths, we get it: a more deliberate version of how we stick fries in our sundaes at fast food joints, with the sweetness toned down to make it less cloying.

Ketchup and mayo ice cream should not work, but it does. And we can’t stop eating.

Kristine and Miko have made a name for themselves with creative dining concepts: the craft cookie shop Scout’s Honor, the Japanese-French restaurant Le Petit Soufflé, and their sisig-serving salad place Garde Manger. Their MO: Take something familiar then turn it on its head.

Come inside Freezer Burn, where wickedly awesome ice cream flavors can be found

Come inside Freezer Burn, where wickedly awesome ice cream flavors can be found

As with Scout’s Honor, Freezer Burn’s starting point is a classic. “You know how the cronut was everywhere but was gone after a few months? Cookies are never passé. We wanted to create another concept like that, something you can grow old with,” says Kristine. “Everyone likes ice cream.”

From there, Freezer Burn’s eight starting flavors can be split into the safe (mint stracciatella, chocolate, cookies and junk food, brown butter pecan) and adventurous (maple bacon, ketchup and mayo, corn and cheese, butter). All the flavors can even be ordered by the pint.

Freezer Burn’s creative flavors shine best in the composed desserts where each ice cream is matched with a hot dessert. “People like the contrasts of things,” Kristine explains.

Cream of The Crop

Cream of The Crop

Their Ketchup Mayo Fries is the most recognizable, having been featured in a host of local blogs and even on ABC News in America. Meanwhile, the Cream of the Crop feels like a trip to the fairgrounds, with corn and cheese ice cream topped with salty cornicks, plus blocks of dense, sweet honey cake.

Leaning towards the sweeter side of desserts? Even “safe” flavors get creative. Try Junkie with cookies and junk food ice cream paired with Nutella donuts and caramel sauce; or Ola, which lets you swirl hot churros in ultra-dark Valrhona chocolate ice cream.

Best Chocolate Milkshake

Best Chocolate Milkshake

Freezer Burn recently added a cloud of cotton candy to each milkshake. You can pick any ice cream flavor you like to be blended with milk, or go with their classic Best Chocolate Milkshake. And because the cotton candy floats above the drink with the help of a strategic plastic holder, you can take turns sipping and tearing off puffs without the cotton candy melting into your drink.

“With each dessert concept, we want to educate people about desserts by going beyond the basics, thinking out of the box,” says Kristine. Both Kristine and Miko are competitive pastry chefs who’ve presented at Madrid Fusión Manila, and no matter how creative their executions are, everything is founded on quality and technique.

Real ice cream is made with an egg base, while most commercial ice creams—the kind groceries can sell at a 3-in-1 bargain—are filled with extenders. “Our ice creams are more expensive, but it’s because we use the best ingredients that we can,” says Kristine.

Take, for example, their Best Mint Stracciatella. Indulgent Andes mints and chunks of Valrhona chocolate come hand-mixed into the chunky blend. Every now and then a large chunk will roll onto your tongue and you’ll think, “why can’t all mint chocolates be like this?”

“When we studied mint chocolate, we found that if you put regular chocolate or chocolate chips, hindi mo talaga siya malalasahan. The flavor dulls when it freezes so it just becomes texture,” shares Kristine. “The trick is to have chocolate that melts a bit.”

The store's very cool and hip interiors

The store’s very cool and hip interiors

Learning these tricks makes work fun for Kristine and Miko, who have already made a list of 45 flavors to bring into the eight-flavor rotation as time goes by. Their flexible menu takes prime space in their small shop inspired by the inside of a 1950s refrigerator. And A Half, the same studio that designed the look of Churreria La Lola and Balay Dako, took care of Freezer Burn’s entire look. See the colorful magnets on the door to the kitchen? Each represents a different ice cream flavor on the menu.

Whether it’s a fast food hack turned into a dessert, milkshakes that seem to be topped with the actual weather, or even familiar flavors made with high-end ingredients—you can count on Freezer Burn to push the boundaries of what you expect from ice cream. As Kristine puts it, “Desserts can be so much more.”

Freezerburn. Ground Floor, Q3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Words by Ceej Tantengco
Photographed by Miguel Abesamis of Studio 100

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