A Mexican egg breakfast to wake up to

9 months ago

Huevos Rancheros12

Huevos rancheros (literally “ranch-style eggs”) is a simple yet filling Mexican breakfast dish. Today, huevos rancheros is a popular breakfast pick all over the world, so it may surprise people to find out that this dish wasn’t traditionally eaten for breakfast! Rather, huevos rancheros was originally served to farm workers as a mid-morning snack. At its most basic, the dish has three ingredients: fried eggs, a tomato-based spicy sauce, and a fried corn tortilla. As its popularity grew, so did its variations. Some common additions to the basic formula are: re-fried beans, rice, fried potatoes, salsa, different peppers, sour cream, meat, queso fresco (a creamy Mexican white cheese), olives, and guacamole. Instead of fried eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or eggs over easy may also be used. And while a corn tortilla is still the top choice, many people use the more readily available wheat tortilla. One playful variation is the huevos divorciados (“divorced eggs”) which has two eggs in different sauces.


Words by Janelle Año

Photographed by Yukie Sarto of Studio 100


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