Heavy Hits: The Stockpile

9 months ago

the stockpile - appetizing plates

Like any other business districts, Ortigas Center is dotted with cost-friendly eateries, fast food chains, and convenient stores that will satisfy a working man’s (or woman’s) hunger pangs. Of course, an everyday meal should fit one’s usually limited budget—but today, you deserve a treat. Be it a reward after a nerve-wracking deadline, a successful presentation, or even just surviving a long hectic work day—sometimes the best prize you can give yourself is to eat delicious food, have a couple of brews, and let your hair down, literally or figuratively.

And so, for those looking for a place to unwind, The Stockpile at The Sapphire Bloc is ready to greet you with below zero beer and a plate of sinful, crazy good Crispy Pigs Ears.

The term “stockpile” refers to a place or storage area that’s abundant with food and beverages of many sorts. The restaurant reflects this abundance in the variety of cuisines on the menu—Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian, and Filipino. Don’t expect light fare or tiny portions, though. The Stockpile caters to your inner glutton—heavy, flavorful, and not to mention plentiful, like I-can-share this-but-I-really-don’t-want-to servings. Leave it to a petite chef to know your deepest meat reveries and make them into real life feasts on a platter. Chef Tanya Chua (formerly of Sunshine Kitchen) doesn’t shy away from ingredients usually cut off at first trim. Rather, she uses them in dishes to showcase their fullest flavors—from appetizers to mains, and even sauces.

the stockpile - truffled 4 cheese pasta

The Crispy Pigs Ears with Sweet and Sour Lime Sauce is a sample of this practice—deep-fried slivers of batter-coated pig ears are tossed with crispy basil leaves. The guilt goes away as soon as you bite into a piece dipped into the sweet lime-flavored, chili-infused vinegar. For a different kind of fancy, try the Salted Egg Fried Baby Squid—salted egg-coated fried baby squid and bite-size leeks with a deliciously rich squid ink aioli. Don’t forget to squeeze in a bit of lime juice to play up the flavors. A heart-friendly, no-meat option is the Sardine and Salted Egg Flatbread with Feta, Tomatoes, and Onions. You’ll fall in love with its tapestry of flavors—from the light yet delectable toppings down to the bread’s smokey and crunchy finish. Carnivores should go for the Beer Braised Beef Belly or its pulled-beef brioche sandwich version that’s grilled with mozzarella and matched with a wicked truffle gravy. Lots of love and cerveza negra were used to braise the beef belly and short ribs—making these two standouts on the menu.

For those looking to appease their comfort food cravings, try the the Truffled 4 Cheese Pasta with Smoked Bacon. You’ll want this all for yourself—conchiglie pasta in a sauce of melted mozzarella, brie, provolone, and grana padano, is made more gratifying with slices of picnic bacon. The 6-Hour Slow Roast Porchetta can make any work weary person forget his woes. With excess fat already rendered from the meat, the porchetta is left with a gorgeous marbling of flavorful meat. It merits the words “succulent” and “superb” whenever you bite into every forkful. The pork skin is worth mentioning as a separate entity—it is heavenly and absolutely worth the extra calories. The bonus sidings of herb salsa, spiced vinegar, and boiled vegetables round off the plate, making this a favorite dish among Stockpile regulars.

No need to rush home either since Stockpile is home to several craft beers by the bottle and draught beers straight from the keg. Stay on a Tuesday evening and you’ll end up listening to some awesome acoustic acts. Stop by the Stockpile any day or any night, and have your fill of things comforting and delicious.

the stockpile - brand new heavies

Words by Angeli De Rivera
Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100
Address: Ground Floor, The Sapphire Bloc, Sapphire and Garnett Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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