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8 months ago


Fashion and food unite for a glamorous Independence Day celebration

Words and photos by Alanis Mari Kelly M. Manantan


On the day of our independence this 2017, City of Dreams held one of the biggest fashion nights of its time –The Mega Millennial Ball. In support of Mega Magazine’s Independence Day campaign, #TheNewPH, the best of the entertainment and fashion world gathered to celebrate and honor the personalities whose influence have made a positive and indelible impact that has resonated all over their spectrum.

They may be dubbed as the selfie generation, but these millennials are all about individualism and self-expression. Mega millennial figures like Nadine Lustre, Lauren Reid, and Kylie Versoza graced the event each with their own chic interpretation of modern Filipino sartorial elegance. With so many diverse personalities, how do you entertain their fancy? Through fashion and food, of course!

It was a feast for all the senses: from the successful fashion show by the talented designers Mark Bumgarner, Patty Ang, and John Herrera to the sumptuous 5-course sit-down menu prepared by Chef Audi Hayun Budiman of Red Ginger, one of the foremost dining establishments in City of Dreams.


In keeping with the #TheNewPH vision, the bespoke Filipino-themed dinner was made of traditional Pinoy favorites but with a modern take giving a juxtaposition of nostalgic tastes and a whole new experience for the millennial guests.



Before the main event, guests were treated to hors d’oeuvre of Arancini with Cream Cheese and Chicken Adobo Skewers to whet the appetite.


To start the night’s feast, Chef Audi prepared a classic kinilaw made with the tuna and blue marlin complemented with a side salad medley of Davao suha, longan, and mango that’s dressed with a light yet tangy ginger vinaigrette.

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Buko and Lemongrass Soup was the next course, made flavorful with scallops, chayote, shaved young coconut meat, and pieces of crab tortellini.


Che Audi’s main course was something to behold: his interpretation of the Beef Steak Tagalog consisted of Grass-fed beef tenderloin and slow-confit short rib adobo plus a rich slice of pan-seared foie gras.


The cheese course—a warm Kesong Puti Pimento Fondant with guava and pandan chutney made for a nice palate cleaner in between dishes.


Dinner ended on a high note with a refreshingly sweet bowl of Iced Avocado Condensada with bits of nata de coco,red bean, mango and pinipig.

Revolutionary millennials, a trifecta of innovative fashion, and an au courant menu—the Mega Millenial Ball truly was one of the most memorable nights of fashion and food.


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