Get Crafty With Beer At Craftpoint Brewing Co.

4 months ago


Some beers are meant to be chugged down and guzzled one after another, while some demand to be savored slowly, almost reverently, enjoyed down to the last sip. Craftpoint Brewing Co.’s beers belong to the latter.

Claudine Lanzona, marketing associate of Craftpoint, recalls how the company started with the chance meeting of Aldous Bernardo, Chip Vega, and Marvin Moreno, its three owners: “They were a bunch of guys who made their own beers at home. They all used to go this home brewers club which met every Wednesday in Makati. That’s where they met each other. They started going to the club in 2012 and by August 2013, they became serious about making and selling their beers.” Good timing, hard work, and a natural aptitude for pairing flavors paved the way for Craftpoint’s success. When the company started, craft beer was having a moment. (According to Tasty Trends magazine, in 2014 there were approximately 3,040 breweries in America, with a staggering 99% of them small, independent brewers.) The craft beer revolution reached the Philippines, and customers were eager to try more adventurous brews which Craftpoint happily supplied.

Craftpoint’s range of beers covers everything from session beers (their Summer Sessions is a light, crisp, and fruity blond ale that’s a perfect introduction to craft beer) to more unexpected brews like the Hopnosis, a ten hops Indian pale ale, and Liberation, a Belgian pale ale with a nutty caramel base and citrusy, fruity, and bitter notes. And then there are their “colla-brew-ations,” beers created in partnership with restaurants and coffee shops like Big Bad Wolf, The Curator, and Hungry Hound. Chocolate, mocha, and mangosteen are flavors you normally wouldn’t associate with beer, but Craftpoint pulls it off.

“The difference between commercial beers and craft beers is that [the latter] is made in small batches. It’s handcrafted with natural and quality ingredients by small, independent brewers,” Claudine explains. This is why it’s a little more expensive than the commercial stuff, although, Claudine explains, the experience more than justifies the price. “When I started drinking craft beer, I couldn’t stop. It’s like your mind is opened to this whole new world of flavors.”

Craftpoint Brewing. Co.’s beers are available at EDSA Beverage Design Studio. For orders and inquiries, e-mail or call them at 0932 394 8070. Visit them on Facebook at <> for more information.

Words by Janelle Año

Photographed by Ron Mendoza of Studio 100

Art Direction by Regine Velilla

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