We Need To Talk about FIC’s Incredible Frozen Custard Line

7 months ago


Fruits in Ice Cream’s (FIC) Frozen Custard line may have been launched earlier this year but we can’t get enough of its superiority and über creaminess compared to other  variants (it’s true!). Its the ice cream you want to take comfort in after a bad break up and the frozen treat you didn’t know you needed to escape from our random heat spells. Heck, we’d eat spoonfuls of it even if we had the air con fixated to our faces. That’s how good it is.

But what makes FIC’s Frozen Custard different from the rest of the local ice creams in the market? Well, for one, its more custard than cream. Custard, by definition means it is a creamed mixture of milk or cream and egg yolks.

So does that mean egg yolks are added to FIC’s Frozen Custard? Technically yes, but it’s not the kind of eggs that you would use for cooking breakfast with. FIC’s Frozen Custard uses Spray Dried Whole Eggs, which contains no preservatives or additives. They’re also pasteurized so you don’t have to worry about bacteria like salmonella to harbor on your treat. So, why don’t other ice cream brands use Spray Dried Whole Eggs to make their ice creams creamier? Well, we’re not sure, but for FIC, their answer is simple—the richer flavor and creamier texture outweigh the added expenditure. In short, the people FIC wants you to have the creamiest, richest, and best-tasting ice cream.

Another highlight is its low overrun (about 70-75%) compared to regular ice cream (which at times are higher than 110%). To put it simply, overrun relates to the volume of air incorporated into the ice cream. The lower it is the more compact, or richer the ice cream is.

What’ more comforting is how FIC chose it’s flavors with familiar favorites such like the indulgent and nostalgic Mantecado (our favorite), the velvety Vanilla (you can actually see real vanilla seeds in ever scoop!),  smooth and superior Espresso, and lastly the robust and luxurious Dark Chocolate Truffle (they just use Belgian chocolate, no big deal, right?!).

FIC has come a long ways since it started 20 year ago, when they initially distributed in clubhouses, schools, and residential communities. Now, they’re arriving in full circle, giving a salute to the original way people back then enjoyed real ice creams, as frozen custard.


FIC’s Frozen Custard line is available in select supermarkets. 

Words by Angeli De Rivera


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