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1 year ago

10 fantastic local products and where to find them at Madrid Fusión Manila 2017

Words by Angeli De Rivera

Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100

One of the best things to do during the much-anticipated Madrid Fusión Manila is to catch up on the latest food finds at the Trade Exhibition Hall located on the second floor of the SMX. You can go in and around the booths in search of exciting flavors, new delicacies, and even discover up and coming food brands who are passionate about their crafts. Here are our top food finds:


Mt. Talinis Coffee by Fresh Start

Grown on the foothills of Mt. Talinis in Negros Oriental, this coffee variety produced by Negros-based eco-store, Fresh Start, boasts of robusta beans that have undergone through the honey-processed method resulting to a brew that’s unique in body and flavor.


Natural in-shell Pili Nuts by The Cracking Monkey

Who would have thought of packaging and eating pili nuts in such a cool and fashionable way? The Cracking Monkey did! Each nifty bag comes with steel lever that you can use to crack open each pili nut proudfully harvested from the Bicol region.


Core Coconut Sports Drink by Just Coco

Did you know that you lose both water and sodium in your body when you exercise? The folks at Cocopure, Inc. wants to keep you refreshed and replenish your sodium-intake too, so they developed Core, a sports drink made with 100% coconut juice to keep you hydrated and balanced after your physical activities.

(0926) 725-2000, (0925) 522-7873

Gourmet Vinegars by Basimatsi

Consider them as the ultimate sawsawan partners. Crazy for ginger? Then have some Suka Sinalabat. Want something smokey? Go for the Suka Pinausukan. Prefer it spiked and spicy? Make it Labuyo Cerveza. With so many variants, you can pucker up to a different gourmet vinegar each day of the week.

(0995) 143-2660, (0999) 811-6114

Maharlika Cocktail Syrup line by Liquido Maestro

Coming up with your own signature drink? Have fun creating a symphony of flavors using these syrupy concoctions developed by Kalel Demetrio aka the Liquido Maestro.

(0917) 999-7572, (0917) 805-4408

Boolala Booter by Calaboo

Butter from carabaos? You have got to try this for yourself! It’s silky, unadulterated (no mantika after taste!), and best of all, it’s healthy! Sourced only from grass-fed carabaos, this better kind-of butter is a creamy revelation! Try it when you’re baking desserts or simply spread it on a piece of toast.

(0916) 246-5112


Our local version of the Italian Lemoncello, this citrusy cocktail is made with 100% local ingredients—from the freshest cold-pressed calamansi and finest distilled coconut nectar.

(02) 218-2298, (0917) 756-5708

Chocolate Alfajores by Hiraya Bakery

Flakey, buttery, and melt-in-your-mouth addicting, these native cookies are scrumptious in every bite! Baked with Batangas tablea, you might need to get more than one pack because you might not notice that you’ve gone thru your stash! Not a chocolate fan? Then try the salted dulce de leche version.

(0915) 529-0250

G-Kal and Reishi Mushroom Ale by Perfect Mushrooms

Craft beers made with mushrooms? That right! You can choose from the earthy-noted Reishi Mushroom Ale or the G-Kal made with essence of Ganaderma Mushrooms. They might seem weird, but the excellent refreshing taste makes all the difference.

(0917) 768-5515


Manila Creamery

With choices like Tinutong na Kanin, Mangga at Suman, Guinomis, Suman, Mango Pomelo and lastly, Salted Egg and Caramel, you won’t be able to get enough of the unique, locally-inspired flavors that keep churning out of this little gelato creamery.

(0917) 599-7963

For more information about Madrid Fusión Manila 2017, visit their official website

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