The Chicago Dog

5 years ago


The basic Chicago-style hot dog (also known as Chicago Dog or Chicago Red Hot) starts with a steamed all-beef hot dog with a crisp natural casing on a steamed poppyseed bun topped with mustard, relish, chopped onion, tomato slices, a pickle spear, sport peppers, and celery salt. A Chicago- style hot dog NEVER comes with ketchup.

Freshness is paramount for the toppings, especially if going with the fully loaded style. The onions, sport peppers, and the pickle spear should be crisp and crunchy. The tomato slices, red and juicy. Layers of mustard and relish ensure a uniform bite. A final dusting of celery salt lends an unmistakable final touch.

Instead of poppy seed hot dog buns, we will use black sesame potato buns. Existing drug laws in the Philippines ban poppy seeds from being imported or grown locally.

The Chicago-style is served at MunchTown, Promenade, Greenhills.
For the buns: Elsibeth Bakery Contact person: Josie Contact # (02)836-0752
For the all-beef hotdogs: DinelliTM Contact person: April Call # (02)373-3333 or (02) 346-0496

Words and food preparation by Chef Robby Goco of Cyma Restaurants. Photo by John Ocampo of Studio 100.

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