Enjoy a gourmet meal of squid cooked in white wine

9 months ago


Gourmet dining doesn’t need to be difficult to be enjoyed. All you need are fresh ingredients and the right recipes to follow to make your meal a spectacular one. A good start would be this Italian seafood dish, which simply is squid stuffed with seasoned bread and cooked in white wine. Just make sure to use fresh squid and good-quality wine when cooking this recipe. Cheers!



(Stuffed Squid)

Makes 8 servings


8 large Squid, head, innards and ink sac removed, tentacles reserved

1-2 cups cold salted water

1/2 cup Olive oil, divided

4 cloves Garlic, chopped

1 cup Flat parsley leaves, chopped

2 slices white bread, crusts removed, cubed

Salt and pepper, to season

1 cup White wine

  1. Clean the squid well without cutting the body. Soak the body and the tentacles in cold salted water for about 10-15 minutes. Drain the salted water and rinse the squid parts well. Chop the tentacles into bits. Set the squid parts aside.
  2. Pour half of the olive oil on a sauce pan over medium heat. Sauté the garlic until fragrant then add the squid. Add the white bread and parsley. Remove from the pan and season mixture with salt and pepper. Let cool.
  3. Stuff the squid with the cooled bread mixture until about ¾ full. Seal the open end of the squid with a wooden toothpick then place them on a baking dish.
  4. Mix the white wine and remaining olive oil then pour over the squid. Season with salt and pepper. Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for 15-20 minutes. Cook until the squid is firm to the touch. Serve immediately.


Recipes by Celine Clemente-Lichauco

Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100


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