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3 years ago

Since 2003, Brooklyn’s New York Pizza continues to serve you. This is a question and answer with Managing Director, Mr. Johan Sy.

When did Brooklyn’s New York Pizza open?

Our company acquired Brooklyn’s in December, 2012. But the first store officially opened in 2003. Prior to that, the previous owners were already selling at bazaars. It was the clamor during bazaars that encouraged them to open a restaurant.

What changes have you made to the menu of Brooklyn’s New York Pizza?

While we have modified the name a bit, we would like to assure those who have been loyal to Brooklyn Pizza that the pizza, pasta and buffalo wings are exactly the same as what they’ve enjoyed for more than ten years.  Those products remain to be the core of our restaurant. However, we have expanded our menu and have recently started offering brunch and rice meals, among others. And for the pasta, we used to have only big portions, enough for two to three people. Single diners found the serving size too much and too expensive so we had to create a solo size.

Why did you expand your menu?

We added the brunch items – American, English and Lumberjack because my sister felt that we didn’t have enough of that in Manila. But then I thought, with Pinoys, you can’t not have rice. So we also added Filipino brunch. That’s mainly based on what I like to eat.  Our longganisa is especially developed for us, based on a recipe we approved. Recado is the salty kind, Hamonado is sweet and Batutay is the beef version. The Patriot (P328) which is a supersized Filipino meal which is a combination of all the three types of longganisa plus tapa with more rice and a double serving of eggs. Our omelettes are the breakfast versions of our pizza. It’s basically pizza turned into omelette.

 The-PatriotThe Patriot

Supreme-Omelette-(1)Supreme Omelette


What’s so special about Brooklyn’s pizza?

The pizza dough is hand tossed creating a crust that has texture, with some parts soft and tender while others are crispy. We make our own sauces. We don’t use ready-made mixes, we really do it from scratch, from crushing of tomatoes and all.  Our 18-inch serving is our signature, that’s the one we’re known for. Just like New York pizzas, it is big, it is good for six to eight people. Our cheeses reheat nicely, it doesn’t turn gummy.  Many have noticed how our pizza is not oily, so it’s easy to eat with your hands.

There is a bit of a wait when you order our pizzas, around 15 to 20 minutes. We mold the crust from dough balls as you order, toss it, add the toppings and bake in a brick oven. A brick oven uses a stone which retains the heat that we need to achieve the temperature required to shock our crust and create oven spring. We need high heat when we put in the pizza so the dough will rise properly, making the crust crispy and soft.

For our pasta dishes, the sauce is freshly made too, nothing from a package.

How many branches does Brooklyn’s New York Pizza have?

We now have a total of nine. We have added three to the six that we have acquired. The first six are in Alabang Town Center, BF Homes Paranaque, Robinson’s Place Manila, Makati, Ortigas, Tomas Morato. The newest branches are in Robinson’s Place Las Pinas, and SM North Edsa.

Is Brooklyn’s New York Pizza open for franchise?

Right now, all our stores are company owned but a few months ago, we opened the brand for franchise. We opted to wait until we got our bearings before inviting franchisees.  We made sure we were ready to support our franchisees, otherwise running the business will be difficult for them and it will not reflect well on the name of the company. The franchise fee is P750,000.

How is the interior of Brooklyn’s New York Pizza like?

It used to be on the dimmer side.  We’ve been renovating and making the stores brighter, so that it feels more inviting. We don’t have a single look for all but we have unifying elements. Like they all have concrete walls, we try to make it artsy. The SM North Edsa branch shows the Brooklyn street art while in Tomas Morato, it is more gallery-ish.

Does Brooklyn’s New York Pizza deliver?

Yes, we deliver.  All you have to do is call the branch nearest you. It takes 45 minutes for us to deliver your order. We don’t want to promise a 30-minute delivery and have our drivers getting reckless on the road, we don’t want accidents.

What are your best sellers?

For our pizza, the Deluxe (P308 / P533 / P825), Porko (P308 / P533 / P825) and White Pizza (P267 / P450 / P700). They can divide the  14-inch pizza into two flavors and the 18-inch into four flavors.



White Pizza

For the pasta, it’s Spicy Shrimp (P221 / P335) and Creamy Pesto with Chicken Parmigiana (P221 / P335). Our Buffalo Wings (P283) is also quite famous. It’s not too hot that children can eat it but adults enjoy the kick too. It’s just right. In general, our market in the south go for our pizzas while those in the north prefer the rice meals.


 Creamy Pesto with Chicken Parmigiana


Buffalo Wings

Do you serve beer?

Only our Tomas Morato and Ortigas Center branches serve beer.

How do you keep the quality of your products consistent?

We have a commissary where everything is produced.  We do constant spot checks at the branches and we have a quality control team that monitors regularly.


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