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11 months ago

Unit 27



THERE’S A MAILBOX AND A BIKE PARKED OUTSIDE WHAT APPEARS TO BE A PORCH. Upon entering, there’s a foyer complete with a coat hanger with some hats. As more and more restaurants aim to give you that feel-at-home vibe, Unit 27 is one of those restaurants who succeed (with flying colors) at giving you that “Welcome Home” experience. While it might not look like your mother or grandmother’s home, Unit 27 is your friend’s cool loft in BGC or the trendy condo you secretly want to own one day. At the heart of Unit 27 is a great brunch place that serves familiar and comforting breakfast food with a twist.


The brain child of several partners from different industries, Unit 27 is handled by
an all-star-team. The likes of Director Mike Carandang, Cristalle Belo-Henares, and designer Francis Libiran are some of the people behind the breakfast place. Since they often hang out in one of the partner’s condos, which is unit 26, the group found it apt to call their venture Unit 27, a second home not only for them but also for everyone else. To keep
to the theme of opening a second home as
a restaurant, both units 26 and 27 look alike thanks to Wilmer Lopez and his team heading the interiors’ direction. Whimsy, eclectic and industrial, the space is inspired by trendy New York lofts. If you love the interiors as much as we do, you can actually have your furniture to go with you. Yes, Unit 27 is not only a café, bar and restaurant, it is also a showroom of quirky furniture pieces from Space Encounters.

The three-storey Unit can accommodate you from breakfast to the wee-hours of the next morning, with the first floor being a casual dining space, the second an intimate, quiet space, and the third a dapper bar open during the night. Basically, think of Unit 27
as the convenience-store-meets-restaurant that we all have been waiting for. They have you covered from bacon to booze; it’s like they don’t want you to go home at all.


The menu is an extensive collection of Filipino classics, Western staples, some fusion and dishes with a twist. One of their signature dishes is the Pinoy Steak & Egg, which is their version of the Filipino tapa made with Angus beef. The soft beef has a heavenly caramelized taste with sweet and salty meeting in the middle. Plated on a bed of white rice, a side salad, and a sunny side- up egg, this plate deserves to be your first meal one of these days.

For those who jog in the morning and are looking for a post-run snack, their Oats Caldo just might be for you. It’s light, warm, gooey, and gentle on your stomach after a workout. A modern take on the arroz caldo, it’s made of simmered oatmeal with a swirl of pesto. It’s
 so simple in theory but the flavors are intense, that you sort of wonder why you’ve never tried to do it yourself before.


Of course, breakfast would be no fun without pancakes. Unit 27’s Chocolate Pancake is a must-try for those who want their breakfast between western and Filipino cuisine. I couldn’t find any other way to explain this dish than by saying that it’s champorado in pancake form. The deep taste of tablea in a pan-grilled cake, topped with more melted tablea, kesong puti, and for flavor and texture contrast, a crispy fried danggit.

According to the Unit 27 team, dessert is never not an option so they made amazing desserts to cap off any meal. The Calamansi Cheesecake is a delight with a sweet and tangy taste, balanced with the slightly salty crust made from grahams and bits of queso de bola. Douse this with some caramel sauce to experience three layers of powerful flavors in each bite. Surprise yourself with the Three- Way Turon by not knowing which one you will get from the three fried sticks. One is Mango & Cheese, another is Chocnut & Banana, and one is Leche Flan—all of them perfect for dipping into the vanilla ice cream.

If you’re craving for breakfast food any time of day, this place has got you covered. To be honest, Unit 27 is an all-day-comfort- place for those who want to start their day or for those who are just about to wind up the evening. But for those who spend their nights alone, Unit 27 serves dishes that are worth waking up to.



Words by Patricia Herbolario

Photographed by Reau Gutierrez

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