Back to the Classic: Black and White Sago’t Gulaman

9 months ago

black and white sago't gulaman

We all love to have a drink of sago’t gulaman to refresh after a long, hot day. Give your favorite Filipino refreshment an upgrade with more chewy goodness.



Recipe by Chef Victoria S. Pelea

Photographed by Greg Mayo

Makes 10 servings


500g Panutsa (cane sugar), crushed

1 ½ cups Water

1 stalk Pandan leaves

1 cup Cooked baby sago (tapioca balls)

1 bottle Nata de coco

1 (19 oz) can Black gulaman (grass jelly)


  1. Put the panutsa, water, and pandan leaves into a sauce pan and simmer gently until the sugar dissolves, about 5-7 minutes. Set aside to cool.
  2. Drain the syrup of the black gulaman and set aside. Do the same for the nata de coco.
  3. Cut the black gulaman into the same size as the nata de coco cubes. Add 2 Tbsps each of gulaman, sago, and nata de coco and 5 Tbsps syrup per serving. Top with ice. Garnish with pandan leaf.


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