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11 months ago

sisig society


Discover the joys of making your own sisig at Sisig Society


“WHO ISN’T A FAN OF SISIG?” This was the reason behind owners Kellda Centeno, Jeromy Uy, and Meredith Ngo’s decision to open a restaurant focusing solely on this beloved Filipino dish. But don’t expect just bar chow—Sisig Society dispels the notion that sisig is only for pulutan.

Sisig is humble food. It’s made of the parts no one wanted to eat, but we feel like it’s one of those iconic dishes in the Philippines that nobody really pays much attention to. It’s not just beer food! It’s something you can also eat in a nice, well-lit environment. It’s not tira-tira anymore,” Kellda explains.

At Sisig Society, you have two options: first is to order your choice of protein (pork, chicken, seafood, or tofu) and one of their pre-selected combinations, which goes for P149. The combinations are five tried and tested favorites like Crispy (chicken skin, caramelized onions, and sarsa) and Diablo (bacon, chorizo, and spicy Diablo sauce). This comes with a big helping of rice and an egg. The second option is for the more experimental set. You can choose your protein, and two toppings (caramelized onions; a salsa with pineapples, fresh tomatoes, and bell peppers; bacon; chorizo; cheese; mushrooms; and chicken skin), a sauce (the secret sauce, a salty-sweet mix; creamy sauce; spicy Diablo sauce; a tomato-based sauce; or sarsa), and finally, a starch of your choice (rice with egg, nachos, or tacos). The make-your-own sisig meal is a steal at just P169. There are actually 2520 possible combinations, so you can have a different combination for every day of the year!

During our visit, we tried Seafood Sisig with Tropical Salsa and Diablo Sauce. The combination was created by one customer that Kellda entertained. Sizzling seafood with pineapples, tomatoes, peppers, and spicy sauce? It’s one of the things that shouldn’t work, but quite strangely, does. “I was worried, but [the customer who came up with it] liked it. But then here it’s if you don’t like it, you made it,” Kellda laughs. The dish is surprisingly light and refreshing thanks to the salsa, but the sauce packs a wallop. The Pork Sisig with Bacon, Chorizo, and Diablo Sauce is closer to the traditional sisig, but with the addition of bacon, crumbled and fried to a crisp.

The Chicken Sisig with Bacon, Cheese, and Creamy Sauce is milder, but no less flavorful. Be sure to mix it up while it’s still hot—the combination of the creamy, garlicky sauce and the gooey melted cheese will blow your mind.

Not in the mood for rice? The Sisig Taco is the perfect midday snack; the default combination for these soft shell tacos is pork sisig with creamy sauce, Diablo sauce, caramelized onions, and tomatoes, but you can request a combination of your choice.

Sisig may not be as ubiquitous as adobo, our unofficial national dish, but give Sisig Society a chance to surprise and delight you. The restaurant is a great example of how Filipino food can be modern and tasty, without losing its essence.


Words by Janelle Año

Photographed by Zac Moran of Studio 100

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