5 Reasons To Try Wabu’s Boneless Lechon Belly

2 years ago

We Filipinos love our lechon—we love it so much that a big party is incomplete without it. But there’s only so much you can do with roasted pig, right? Wrong. Wabu’s Boneless Lechon Belly proves that this staple party food can stay new and exciting, and we have five reasons why you should try it right now.

Wabu started when Carlo Balao, Billy Villareal, and Boj Iliscupidez brought their now-signature boneless lechon belly to a potluck dinner party, and their friends were so impressed that they started ordering the dish. “At first we were just using a convection oven from our home and taking orders one at a time, until it expanded for Christmas and for other occasions.

A whole lechon is great for big parties, but for smaller, more intimate gatherings, Wabu’s boneless lechon belly is the way to go. Each serving weighs around three kilos, which makes it more affordable and practical. For Wabu’s COO Billy Villareal, “Lechon’s traditionally a symbol of festivity…you don’t need fifty people to cook up a storm. You just need twelve people and a main dish like Wabu, and it pleases everyone.

Lechon is a staple party food, which means it can get repetitive. Wabu puts a fresh, new spin on the dish by straying from the traditional flavors: ”we wanted to make the stuffing really from Manila. So in Wabu, we’re incorporating stuffing like chili garlic which are more Manila flavors compared to your traditional Cebu or Tagalog lechon.

In rare instances where you have leftover Wabu (we doubt it), Chef Carlo Balao recommends turning your boneless lechon belly into sinigang or sisig instead of the usual paksiw. “Because normally with leftovers, people automatically make paksiw. So you can make sisig instead.

The skin is crisp, the meat melt-in-your mouth, and the stuffing gives the dish a kick of rich flavour. Plus, it comes with Wabu’s own spiced vinegar for that extra shot of sour. Wabu is so good, it will convince even lechon non-believers.


Wabu Boneless Lechon Belly aims to serve Filipinos and foreigners lechon with a fusion of varying flavors. Recognizing that each Filipino festivity is best represented by a lechon, Wabu aims to be the star of every reunion. Wabu Boneless Lechon Belly is 100% made in Manila and proud to be one of Manila’s finest lechon bellies.


Chef Carlo Balao is the CEO of BBC WABU Food Group and DC Gourmet. He is also the executive chef of Masala Moe’s and Mariner’s Hotel and is currently the head chef consultant for Pat Bros Corp. He was also formerly the executive sous chef for Masas and Cena restaurants. Carlo studied culinary arts in CCA Manila and took his apprenticeship at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. He has also taken short courses at the New School of Arts in New York.

Billy Villareal is the COO of BBC Wabu Food Group and is also a director for Upper House Inc., a restaurant management group. He also heads a multimedia design firm creating visual communication solutions for other businesses. Billy is also currently the Creative Director for Premium Line Asia Corporation, and People Ignite (organizational development and training).

Boj Iliscupidez is the CFO of BBC Wabu food group. Aside from Wabu he is currently the CFO of Acqua Seal Waterproofing & Construction, and the director for Amreivax; a sub distributor of vaccines and emiaci; a mining contractor.

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