5 Bed Weather Bites to Take Comfort In

5 months ago

When the weather dictates you to slow down and just relax chill, then go on and indulge to a day of comfort and good eats. Here are five dishes to savor as you while away a cold rainy day:


Chicken and Bacon Arroz Caldo
Ah, good old Arroz Caldo. There’s nothing like this simple rice porridge made with the goodness of chicken essence, and the comforts of rice. We take it up a notch by adding another familiar favorite: bacon.  The addition of this salty element adds wicked yet welcomed indulges to the classic arroz caldo. Don’t forget to pair it with tokwa’t baboy with fried tofu.

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Lomi Ng Lipa
This Batangueño original is perfect for times where you just want to enjoy the day and indulge in something savory, heavy, and flavorful. Make sure to use fresh miki noodles to really bring the dish together. Don’t forget to generously adorn each serving with toppings like pork liver, kikiam, meatballs, and pork pieces. Absolutely delish!

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Maki Noodle Soup
Here’s another local dish you’ll want to indulge in when the rain starts to pour. It’s combination of thick, salty, savory goodness in every spoonful and we wouldn’t want it any other way. This Chinoy noodle soup made up of eggs, soy sauce, pork, lomi noodles, and other seasonings will sure hit the spot come the cold season.

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pork shoyu ramen

Pork Shoyu Ramen
One of the best ways to cure the blues during heavy weather is ramen, we’re sure of it! This recipe is perfect for big groups and families who can’t get enough of Japanese’s popular noodle export. Serve it with a side of homemade gyoza to complete the experience.

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Mac and Cheese

Classic Mac and Cheese
Of course, you can’t forget the OG comfort food, Macaroni and Cheese. This simple but appetizing pasta recipe will do the trick when you don’t feel like doing so much work on a lazy day. You can even spruce it up with added indulgences like chorizo, bacon, sausage, pepperoni or better yet, truffle oil!

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