4 Tried and Tested Tips That Will Guarantee Perfect Fried Chicken Every Time

8 months ago


Good, homemade fried chicken is hard to come by. Unless your home cook is a fry master, and could easily tell if the pieces are already done just by looking or smelling, then you’ve got to learn by yourself how to make a damn good fried chicken. Annoyed when there’s still blood inside? Or why the breast part gets to dry when you cook it? We feel you. So don’t get to discourage when you’re finger lickin’ dreams always end up as a greasy, dry-tasting disaster. Here are surefire ways to guarantee you perfect soul-food kind of fried chicken every time:

1. When frying the chicken be patient and take your time. Keep the oil between 325-350°F. It shouldn’t go above or below those numbers as this will result to a greasy or burnt coating. Average cooking time for 325°F oil are the following:

White Meat (16-20 minutes)
Dark Meat (20-30 minutes)

2. Don’t overcrowd the pan. Too much pieces in the pan lowers the heat and makes the chicken cook unevenly. Chicken meat needs room to breathe. Cook white meats together and dark meats together since they basically cook at the same rate of time.

3. Listen to the oil. Chicken cooking on 325°F will cause the oil to be very loud when you put it in. The spattering sound will settle as the chicken cooks and then would go loud again once you turn the meat over. This is the tried and true technique that most Southern cooks use.

4. Don’t ever turn chicken while piercing it with a fork. All the juices will run out an the meat will become dry. Always use tongs and a sharp spatula handy to get underneath just in case a little bit gets stuck at the bottom. You don’t want to lose that breading!


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